Baltic Assembly Prize for Literature, the Arts and Science

The idea on establishment of the Baltic Assembly Prize was conceived in 1992. On 31 October 1993 in Tallinn, the Baltic Assembly adopted the decision to establish the Baltic Assembly Prize for Literature, the Arts and Science. With the Decision on the Amendment to the Statutes of the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science, new Regulations on the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science were adopted on 9 November 2012 in Vilnius, Lithuania.


The aim of the Prize is to support outstanding achievements in literature, the arts and science; demonstrate the common interests of the countries in this region in upholding of their national identity and self-esteem; create an opportunity to learn about the achievements of the neighbouring countries; maintain a continuous interest among the people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania about developments in the Baltic States; strengthen cooperation among the Baltic States in the fields of literature, the arts and science; encourage more and more people to become interested in the intellectual values and languages of the Baltic nations; and raise the level of literature, the arts and science in the Baltic States.

The Prize consists of a monetary prize, a certificate and a statuette, which are awarded annually during the Session of the Baltic Assembly.

The most recent awarding of the BA Prize took place during the 36th Session of the Baltic Assembly on 9 November 2017 in Tallinn, Estonia.


BA Prizes in 2017 were awarded in:

LITERATURE: Mr Vladas Braziūnas, Lithuania:  for his poetic discoveries made while delving into the Baltic worldview and the linguistic heritage of the Lithuanian, Latvian and other languages and as well as for his translations from Latvian and other languages and outstanding international projects on modern poetry

THE ARTS: Ms Laima Slava, Latvia:  for the excellent professional contribution to the theory development of the art science, as well as for the outstanding achievement in the book publishing sector, especially in publishing of art books, which significantly have enriched the current cultural landscape and furthermore foster the international recognition of Latvian culture

SCIENCE: Prof. Andres Metspalu, Estonia:  for his innovative, diverse and lasting contribution to gene technology and molecular diagnostic





Photos by Administration of Saeima (Author: Ernersts Dinka)




Statuettes of the Baltic Assembly Prize  /Photo by Administration of Saeima/ Author: Ernersts Dinka



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