Participation in the meeting of the Speakers of Parliaments on the occasion of the 450th Anniversary of the Union of Lublin

On 30 June 2019 in Lublin (Poland), President of the Baltic Assembly Prof Jānis Vucāns participated in the meeting of the Speakers of Parliaments and celebrations commemorating the 450th Anniversary of the Union of Lublin. 

 In his speech addressing participants of the meeting, Prof J.Vucāns underlined that the history has always provided important lessons. He underlined that the conclusion of the Lublin Union went into history of Europe as an act to be concluded not using violence or rulers’ orders but arose out of the will of the people. Conclusion of the Act of Union was a compromise for the future of both parties within the light of wars by conquers in the Region. Union of Lublin existed for more than two centuries and gave flourishing region, constitution, religious freedom, democracy and security. Few centuries later, the people of the Baltic States followed similar approach of free will, not using violence, joined in “The Singing revolution” and 30 years ago joined hands from Tallinn, through Riga to Vilnius, creating human chain also known as the “Baltic Way”. These events went into history, demonstrating the power and will of people who peacefully defended their common dream for independence. The Baltic Assembly developed in the light of these common aspirations, shared values and dreams, by people who knew that together they are much stronger. It is obvious that parliamentary and governmental cooperation in the Baltic Sea region started 450 years ago by creation of Lublin Union. 

The Union of Lublin was concluded on 1th July 1569, which established a joint Polish-Lithuanian state: the Commonwealth of Two Nations.




Photos by Chancellary of the Saeima of the Republic of Latvia (author Ieva Ābele)