The 71st Session of the Nordic Council

On 29-31 October 2019 in Stockholm, the 71st Session of the Nordic Council is being held.

During the Session politicians from across the Nordic Region gather to discuss the climate, sustainability, and the involvement of young people.

The Session is a Nordic summit and the largest Nordic political event of the year, where the 87 members of the Nordic Council come together with several ministers, including prime ministers.

Within the session the summit of the members of the Nordic Council and the Nordic prime ministers is held. The debate is dealing with different topics, e.g. how popular and youth movements as well as political parties can respond to growing demands for green change.

President of the Baltic Assembly Jānis Vucāns during his speech in the Session said that cooperation between the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council has a special role and meaning. Both organisations discuss common problems, come up with solutions for common problems, support each other, exchange best practices as well as look for future challenges.

President emphasised that there is a need to work jointly on climate change, gender equality, labour market, circular economy, energy and transport issues. Also, Baltic and Benelux countries need to be more active in working together on renewable energy projects, as well as in the fields of digital market and connectivity and artificial intelligence.

Programme of the session.




 Photos by the Baltic Assembly