The Sixth Northern Dimension Parliamentary Forum

On 19-20th November 2019 in Bodo, Norway, the Sixth Northern Dimension Parliamentary Forum was held.

The Northern Dimension is a joint policy between EU, Russia, Norway and Iceland. This Policy was initiated in 1999 and renewed in 2006. The policy aims at providing a framework to 1) promote dialogue and concrete cooperation; 2)strengthen stability, well-being and intensified economic cooperation; 3) promote economic integration, competitiveness and sustainable development in Northern Europe.

During forum wide variety of topics were discussed, such as international transport cooperation and maritime security in the High North, environmental cooperation in the Northern Dimension, sustainable tourism and cultural entrepreneurship, strengthened policies to improve health and social well-being through cooperation within the Northern Dimension Area as well as reflections on future policies for the Northern Dimension.

Session regarding environmental cooperation in the Northern Dimension was chaired by the President of the Baltic Assembly Prof Jānis Vucāns. He raised an issue of chemical and conventional weapons that lie in the seabed of the Baltic Sea. Prof Jānis Vucāns believes that there is a need for investigation as well as finding a solution for this problem, as it will affect the Baltic Sea and its levels of pollution. Politicians agreed with him that this issue is very important and needs to be addressed by the countries of the Baltic Sea. 

Programme of the Forum.




Photos by the Storting