Plenary session of the Benelux Parliament

On 5-6 December 2019 in Luxembourg, the Session of the Benelux Parliament was held.

During the Session, politicians debated about the Benelux as a digital precursor in Europe. Also, representatives of the Parliament discussed opportunities in the field of artificial intelligence as well as hold a political debate about these issues.

Baltic Assembly during the Session was represented by President Jānis Vucāns. He noted that cooperation in artificial intelligence and digital agenda as a whole is needed for the Baltic States as single projects prove to be very expensive, so there is a need to elaborate Baltic approach and strategy. President informed that in the region there are already the first cooperation projects in artificial intelligence. Currently, there is an ongoing Estonian-Latvian cooperation on Interreg project "EstLat Translator" by building on the existing competences of "Avatar" and "Tilde" companies. This new toolkit will address the market need for an efficient cross-border communication solution and create new cross-border business opportunities for both partners. This project is extremely important as both public and private entities will benefit from an Estonian-Latvian-Estonian machine translation service.

Trilateral meeting of representatives from Baltic, Nordic and Benelux countries

President of the Baltic Assembly Jānis Vucāns during the Session of Benelux Parliament

President of the Baltic Assembly and Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies of the Czech Republic Radek Vondráček