Baltic Assembly welcomes the efforts undertaken by governments to stop spread of COVID-19

In public statement on the spread of the COVID-19 health ministers of the Baltic States Tanel Kiik, Aurelijus Veryga and Ilze Vinkele informed that they are working in close cooperation to stop spread of virus and highlighted the importance of cooperation and transnational solidarity.

The Presidency of the Baltic Assembly highly appreciates the public statement and welcomes the efforts undertaken by Baltic Health ministers to stop spread of COVID-19. These efforts indicate much closer cooperation between three Baltic States in light of the current situation and clearly support Baltic Assembly 2019 recommendations regarding continuous exchange of information and experience in the field of disaster prevention, preparedness and response, crisis management and civil protection.

President of the Baltic Assembly Prof Aadu Must emphasized that now more than ever it is important to find solutions, stand jointly against challenges and be vigorous in this turbulent environment:  "Partnership, togetherness and trust are the very foundation upon which the whole cooperation between our countries is built. We are strong when we work and act together. We are partners, who support each other in analysing the problems and finding solutions."