President: Difficult times call for solidarity and coordination of activities of the Baltic states

During the virtual meeting of the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly on 5th May 2020, President of the Baltic Assembly Aadu Must highlighted that in these difficult times solidarity of the Baltic states and coordination of activities on a regional level are extremely important.

Presidium held a meeting to discuss the impact of the current crisis on economies, social and health care sector, large-scale transport and energy projects, education, and security.

The Baltic states were caught off-guard in the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak and coordination of common activities faltered. Therefore, the Baltic Assembly welcomes the recent joint measures of governments of the Baltic states in emergency repatriation of the people, exchange of information and approaches in fight against virus, formation of a joint working group aimed at coordination of borders-crossing issues.

Presidium agreed to assess areas short of cooperation among the Baltic states in times of crisis and discuss what coordinated steps can be taken to support social and economic recovery of the region.

Baltic Assembly will continue to closely monitor the cooperation of the Baltic states in crisis and coordination of common measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis on the region.

Members of the Presidium during a virtual meeting

© Photo by Secretariat of the Baltic Assembly