Presidium urges for greater cooperation of the Baltic states in the times of crisis and recovery

On 5 May 2020, the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly adopted Communiqué on the Baltic solidarity and cooperation in the times of crisis and recovery.

Communiqué states that: "Beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic put solidarity of the Baltic states to the rigorous test and revealed vulnerability in trilateral cooperation. In the face of the crisis, timely information exchange was lacking and the Baltic states were unable to jointly coordinate emergency measures in the region, ensure proper functioning of border-crossings and jointly procure emergency medical equipment and supplies."

Presidium notes that personal contacts and exploring full potential of trilateral cooperation is an invaluable asset, especially during the crisis, when time and funding is of the essence. 

Members of the Presidium welcome recent joint measures of our governments in emergency repatriation, exchange of information and approaches in the fight against the virus and formation of a joint working group aimed at coordination of border-related issues.

However, the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly urges governments of the Baltic States to take stock of the coordinated among Baltic states crisis management capacity; elaborate an ambitious and coordinated approach for overcoming the crisis and envisage post-crisis measures aimed at reducing negative impact on economies, security, social sphere and employment in the Baltic states.

To this end, Members of the Presidium call upon the governments of the Baltic States and the Baltic Council of Ministers:

  • to facilitate timely exchange of information regarding epidemiological situation in 3B states in order to better ascertain and coordinate approaches in lifting of restrictive measures (e.g. border controls, travel restrictions, etc.);
  • to ensure that agencies in the Baltic states responsible for emergency operations exchange relevant crisis-related information promptly in order to facilitate better planning and coordination for future necessitated lockdowns;
  • to continue large-scale transport and infrastructure projects, especially RailBaltica Project;
  • to continue large-scale energy projects of the Baltic states;
  • to explore possibilities of the Baltic states in development of the joint airline company.

As stated in the Communiqué, the Presidium will continue to closely monitor cooperation of the Baltic states in the times of crisis and coordination of common measures to mitigate the impact of the crisis on the region.