Baltic Assembly calls on the European leaders to closely follow the developments in Belarus

On 29 September 2020, the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly addressed European leaders in a letter calling on the EU institutions under their leadership to closely follow the developments in Belarus and, if necessary, strengthen, make more flexible and adapted to the current situation instruments of EU action, thus contributing to a peaceful and speedy resolution of the situation in Belarus.

The Presidium of the Baltic Assembly is deeply concerned about the unacceptable violence currently committed in Belarus, the very centre of Europe, and wants to contribute to the defence of European values.

The Presidium drew the attention of the European leaders and called on the Member States and entrepreneurs in the Member States to be particularly diligent in closely following the existing sanctions regimes and continue to support business activities of small and medium enterprises in Belarus and encourage projects not driven by central government.

"The Baltic states, entering the second century of national independence, are united in understanding of European values and the need to protect them as strongly as we protected our independence. Our firm stand, which helped us break free from the totalitarian regime of the Soviet Union, was manifested to the world by the unity of our peoples in the Baltic Way. It is the moral duty of all free and democratic countries to support Belarusian people in their aspiration for freedom and transition to the democratic future, civil society, and plurality of information," states the letter.