Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the South East European Cooperation Process

On 10-11 June 2016, the Plenary Session of the Parliamentary Assembly of the South-East European Cooperation Process (SEECP PA) was held in Sofia, Bulgaria. Member of the Presidium, Vice Chair of the Latvian delegation to the Baltic Assembly Dr Romualds Ražuks represented the Baltic Assembly at this session.

The South-East European Cooperation Process is a forum for diplomatic and political dialogue aimed at enhancing regional cooperation and good-neighbourly relations. Participating parliaments of the SEECP PA are the following: Parliament, Tirana; National Assembly, Sofia; Parliament, Athens; Assembly, Skopje; Parliament, Bucharest, National Assembly, Belgrade; Grand National Assembly, Ankara; the Parliamentary Assembly, Sarajevo; Parliament, Zagreb; Parliament, Chisinau; Parliament, Podgorica;  Parliament, Ljubljana and Assembly, Prishtina.



Photos by Secretariat of the Baltic Assembly