Prize winners, 1994 – 2019


LITERATURE: KNUTS SKUJENIEKS (Latvia): for his "Works" in eight volumes, which contain high-quality poetry of particular value, written in prison and in a camp for political prisoners in Mordovia, where poet as Soviet dissident, spent seven years

THE ARTS: PETRAS VYŠNIAUSKAS (Lithuania): for the presentation of the Baltic Jazz in the world, fruitful and intensive activity, important to the stage of Baltic Jazz and other genres, work comprising concert tours, teaching, recording and the preparation of various projects

SCIENCE: LEMBIT VABA (Estonia): for researcher of the Baltic Sea language space, of the ancient Baltic loan words in Baltic-Finnish languages. He has compiled the English-Estonian-Latvian-Lithuanian-Russian Dictionary (2005), mapped the Estonian-Latvian language border and rediscovered Estonian language enclaves in southern regions of Latvia