Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee

Members of the Committee:

  • Sven Sester, Chair, Estonia
  • Virgilijus Poderys, Vice Chair, Lithuania
  • Atis Lejiņš, Vice Chair, Latvia
  • Kalvi Kõva, Member, Estonia
  • Linas Balsys, Member, Lithuania
  • Inga Goldberga, Member, Latvia
  • Reinis Znotiņš, Member, Latvia

Priorities of the Committee in 2020 under the Estonian presidency:

  • Economic cooperation of the Baltic States (3B circular economy areas of recycling of bio, textile and - construction waste; 3B joint deposit refund system)
  • Common business support policies and mutual 3B investments
  • Digital cooperation agenda of the Baltic States (cross-border information exchange (X-road, KYC, eCMR), Real Time Economy, artificial intelligence)
  • Energy Security for the Baltic Region (security of supply, environment and economics; energy storage and energy efficiency; trade in electricity with third countries; possible future energy sources and generation adequacy, energy storage in case of energy excess)
  • Implementation of the recommendations of the Baltic Assembly:
    • Implementation of the Rail Baltica project
    • Common gas and electricity market
    • Development of joint road infrastructure projects and road network in the Region
    • Intelligent transport systems
    • Unified tolling system in the Baltic States
    • Developing Cyber Regulations of the Baltic States
    • Creating a regional approach in regard to the development of artificial intelligence, blockchain technology and other new technologies
    • Cooperation on e-governance projects in various sectors
    • Researching and implementing opportunities to jointly apply for different European Union funds regarding the public sector digitalisation

Priorities of the Committee for 2016-2019:

Priorities of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee of the Baltic Assembly for 2016 - 2019 (download)