Winners of the video competition

Neighbours in the North: I am Nordic–Baltic!”


The winners of the video competition for the youth of Baltic and Nordic countries 2016 are the following:

The first place is awarded to Naglis Jonas Kazlauskas, Ignas Kamarauskas and Domantas Kancleris for the video: “Mission Baltic Way.”

The second place is awarded to:

  • Janno Jaagumets and Maiki Ling for the video:What do our compatriots think?”
  • Nele Novek, Kettrin Kasenurme and Kelli Peetrimäe for the video: Goodness saves the world”;

The third place is awarded to:

  • Artūrs Bartkevičs-Valdmanis and Lauris Svārups for the video: “Good neighbours”;
  • Neringa Jagminaitė and Rugilė Vaiškūnaitė for the video: “Northern European neighbours: we are from the Nordic and Baltic countries”;
  • Kamilė Diksaitė, Greta Chaškauskaitė, Rimas Kamarauskas and Nauris Jasionis for the video:"Ginti! Saugoti! Padėti!"




Winners of the video competition will be contacted individually.