Film about twenty-five years of the Baltic Assembly

In 2016, the Baltic Assembly marks its 25th anniversary. This anniversary is an important milestone in the history of the Baltic States.

The Baltic Assembly has been the backbone of the cooperation of Baltic nations. After restoration of independence, cooperation of Popular Fronts was immediately followed by cooperation of three parliaments and later of the governments. The Baltic Assembly, as an international organisation, was established in Tallinn on 8 November 1991 and became an indispensable forum of democratic parliamentary cooperation. The rapid development of the Baltic States during the past twenty-five years has demanded the ability of parliamentarians to act in an ever-changing international environment.

To mark the 25th anniversary, the Baltic Assembly presented a film about the Baltic parliamentary cooperation, its strategic role in regaining and strengthening of independence, reaching common foreign and domestic goals, addressing joint priorities, as well as contributing to the growth of entire region.


In order to view the film about the Baltic Assembly, please, contact the Secretariat of the Baltic Assembly (link).