Session of the Benelux Parliament

On 15 – 16 June 2017 in the Hague (the Netherlands), Session of the Benelux Parliament was held. During the Session, Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, President of the Committee of Ministers of the Benelux Union Bert Keeners presented priorities of the Dutch presidency of the Benelux. Members of the Benelux Parliament discussed such issues as patient mobility, trans-border health care, air traffic control cooperation, circular economy, cooperation between ports and other issues. Sustainable mobility was the key issue on the agenda of the Session of the Benelux Parliament. Members of the Benelux Parliament jointly with representatives of the Baltic Assembly and Nordic Council discussed policies and action plans for energy low mobility, efficient transport systems through digital technologies and other aspects of sustainable mobility. Delegation of the Baltic Assembly was represented by Aadu Must (Estonia), Valerijus Simulik (Lithuania) and Jānis Vucāns (Latvia).




Photo by Secretariat of the Baltic Assembly