Support for development of the joint RailBaltica project

On 2 March 2018, Presidium of the Baltic Assembly submitted a letter to the Prime Ministers of the Baltic States by asking all the stakeholders to take a productive, determined and future-oriented approach in regard to the RailBaltica project and respect the timeline.

Members of the Presidium reiterated that determined and irreversible development of the joint RailBaltica project must be our common goal. With RailBaltica as a backbone infrastructure, the Baltic States will truly become a gateway, forming a common platform for transport from the North and from the East to the South and West of Europe.

Members of the Baltic Assembly highly appreciate the political and financial support by the European Commission to the RailBaltica project. There is no time or room for disputes, indecision and short-term interests regarding the development of the RailBaltica project, which is a project of the century for the development of the Baltic States, and a key project for Europe. This project is of geostrategic significance to the Baltic Region as it bridges one of the major missing links in the EU transport network, bringing the Baltic people and businesses closer to the EU’s Single Market. RailBaltica will diversify and secure the whole Baltic transport infrastructure, contribute to new economic dynamism and equalise the East-West and the North-South routes, placing them at the heart of the EU transport market.