Winners for the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science in 2018

On 25 September 2018 in Rīga, meeting of the Joint Jury of the Baltic Assembly Prize for Literature, the Arts and Science 2018 was held. During the meeting, members of the Joint Jury assessed the works nominated for the Prizes and decided in regard to the awarding of the Prizes.


Photo by Chancellary of Saeima, author Ieva Ābele


The aim of the Prize is to support outstanding achievements in literature, the arts and science; demonstrate the common interests of the countries in this region in upholding of their national identity and self-esteem; create an opportunity to learn about the achievements of the neighbouring countries; maintain a continuous interest among the people in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania about developments in the Baltic States; strengthen cooperation among the Baltic States in the fields of literature, the arts and science; encourage more and more people to become interested in the intellectual values and languages of the Baltic nations; and raise the level of literature, the arts and science in the Baltic States.

Joint Jury of the Baltic Assembly was composed of Prof. Habil. Dr. Valdemaras Razumas (Lithuania), Prof. Habil. Dr. Kęstutis Nastopka (Lithuania), Doc. Petras Skirmantas (Lithuania), Ms Inga Žolude (Latvia), Ms Dace Bluķe (Latvia), Doc. Gunita Zariņa (Latvia), Mr Tiit Aleksejev (Estonia), Ms Kaarin Kivirähk (Estonia), Mr Kristian Sülluste (Estonia).


Winners for the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science in 2018 are the following:

In Literature:

  • Ms Gundega Repše (Latvia), writer; nominated for the idea and concept of the historical novel series “Us. Latvia. XX century”, the curating of the publication of 13 novels in the series, as well as for the novel “Bogene” as one of the novels in the series

In the Arts:

  • Ms Jurgita Dronina (Lithuania), one of the most acclaimed ballet soloist, principal dancers of the early 21st century; nominated for her impressive performances on the greatest stages of the world

In Science:

  • Dr. Els Heinsalu (Estonia), researcher; nominated for her significant contribution in the theory of complex systems and stochastic processes


Other nominated candidates for the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science in 2018 were the following:

In Literature:

  • Ms Undinė Radzevičiūtė (Lithuania), one of the most original contemporary Lithuanian authors; nominated for the historical novel Kraujas mėlynas (Blue Blood), 2017, revealing the impact of the developments in the Middle Ages upon the nations settled at the shores of the Baltic Sea
  • Mrs Leelo Tungal (Estonia), writer; nominated for the comprehensive historical novel “Comrade Kid and the Grown Ups”


In the Arts:

  • Mr Valters Sīlis (Latvia), director; nominated for his active engagement with current and historical socio-political issues in an innovative directorial voice throughout the three Baltic states (plays: Jānis Balodis, Forest Brother (2018); Jānis Balodis, Success Story (2016); Māris Bērziņš, The Taste of Lead (2016) and others.)
  • Ms Katja Novitskova (Estonia), artist; nominated for her outstanding artistic achievements and influence in the international art world


In Science:

  • Prof. Habil. Dr. Zenonas Norkus (Lithuania), philosopher, sociologist, translator; nominated for his innovative internationally recognized comparative historical sociological research on medieval imperial Lithuania and development of Baltic countries during periods of interwar and restored independence
  • Prof., Dr.art. Jānis Kalnačs (Latvia), researcher, nominated for monograph The “Legitimate” Plundering of Riga`s Apartments. 1944-1949