The Baltic Assembly expresses continuous support to the GUAM PA and openness to sharing the best practices

On 21 December 2021, the delegation of the Baltic Assembly attended the digital 14th Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly. Vice Presidents of the Baltic Assembly Jānis Vucāns and Aadu Must joined the Session to debate such important topics as the cooperation of the GUAM Member States in the context of new global challenges, for example, in countering the COVID-19 pandemic and on the state and prospects of conflict resolution on the territory of the GUAM Member States. Promotion of key economic projects of GUAM PA were also discussed. At the end of the Session, the Chairmanship of the GUAM PA was transferred to Moldova.

Vice President of the Baltic Assembly Jānis Vucāns stated that it is never too much to remind about the importance of parliamentary cooperation as parliamentary cooperation is an integral part of development and growth.  Both the GUAM PA and the Baltic Assembly believe in the role of parliaments in tackling important regional challenges, as well as in promoting economic, cultural and educational cooperation. “The Baltic Assembly expresses continuous support to the GUAM PA and openness to sharing the best practices and providing wider expertise in different areas, as well as readiness to learn from GUAM and their successes,” Jānis Vucāns noted.

He also informed that the Baltic states have repeatedly highlighted that the recent developments near the Belarus border show that the regime of Lukashenko is moving towards active offensive and provocative actions, hence the Baltic states have always supported the territorial integrity of GUAM countries, and will continue to do so.  For example, the governments and parliamentarians of the Baltic states have insisted that the EU and NATO must send a clear message that no third country can have a veto right over decisions of a democratic and independent state. “The Baltic states will continue to support Ukraine and other GUAM countries and will fulfil the role of the bridge between European and GUAM countries, as well as speak about the GUAM countries with the partners in the Nordic and Benelux countries,” Jānis Vucāns added.

In 2022, the main priorities of the Presidium of the Baltic Assembly include restored and enhanced cooperation with the international partners and close allies of the Baltic Assembly, strong support for the Eastern Partnership countries, and the exchange of experience, good practices, and information on recovery after the COVID-19 crisis. The partnership and successful cooperation with the GUAM countries is also seen as vital for a secure, developed and prosperous region and the people living in it.

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