Baltic parliamentarians participating in the 30th BSPC

On 30 August 2021, the parliamentarians of the Baltic states participated in the 30th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference. 

BSPC President Pyry Niemi opened the 30th Anniversary Conference of the BSPC. He said that the COVID-19 pandemic had not only affected the professional work of the parliamentarians but also their private lives. Despite that he was glad that the BSPC had been able to continue its cooperation via digital means and without suffering interruptions. He highlighted democratic institutions, solid cross-border cooperation and environmental and social sustainability as cornerstones of the BSPC.

The parliamentarians of the Baltic Sea states discussed issues such as cooperation in the Baltic Sea Region, climate change and biodiversity, democracy in a changing media landscape and restarting after the COVID-19 pandemic. 

During the Conference, also 30th anniversary was celebrated. Vice President of the Baltic Assembly that also celebrates 30 years of work in 2021 has also been president of the BSPC. With regard to the issue of climate change, Prof Vucāns called for more research because science provided the foundation for any actions.

The 30th BSPC unanimously agreed on the resolution calling on the governments of the Baltic Sea region. Traditionally, the baton of the presidency of the BSPC was handed over at this point. Since President Pyry Niemi remains in office for another term until the 31st Conference of the BSPC, he retained said baton.

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Photos by the BSPC 

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