Parliamentarians of the Baltic Sea states focus on carbon sequestration and the role of innovative technologies in reaching climate goals

On 4 October, the digital meeting of the Working Group of the Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference on Climate Protection and Biodiversity was held digitally. 

During the meeting, parliamentarians listended to experts who talked abou the role that peatlands, seagrass and forests played in carbon sequestration or storage efforts. The parliamentarians were also informed abou the Innovative technologies in shipping to learn about the carbon reduction opportunities alternative fuels offered. Representatives from the recent Baltic Sea Parliamentary Youth Forum explained their ideas on how to improve the environmental situation in the Baltic Sea region. 

More than 50 participants from the Åland Islands, the Baltic Assembly, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, the German Bundestag, Hamburg, Latvia, Lithuania, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the Nordic Council, Norway, Poland, the Russian Federation, Schleswig-Holstein and Sweden accepted final form of a questionnaire to inquire the Baltic Sea region governments about their efforts and plans with regard to climate change and biodiversity.

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