Baltic Assembly urges the Benelux Parliament to take into account geopolitical perspective in energy transition

On 10-11 November 2023, the Conference of the Benelux Parliament took place in Groningen, the Netherlands. During the conference, such topics as climate adaptation, energy transition, and the development of innovative projects regarding environmental resilience will be discussed.

Vice President of the Baltic Assembly Jānis Vucāns addressed the Benelux colleagues and reminded that while looking for measures to reduce the effects of the war on the European economies and energy systems, the parliamentarians must remember that continuing to support Ukraine is critical for achieving these goals. "We need to continue keeping Ukraine on the international and national agendas, as well as to respond to the urgent needs of Ukraine and its neighbouring countries. Only the victory of Ukraine and decisive actions after the war can bring back long-term peace and stability for the people of Europe," said Jānis Vucāns.

He also thanked the Benelux Parliament for active cooperation and highlighted that even during the challenging times, the cooperation between both organisations has remained strong and close. "The Baltic Assembly is looking forward to working with you in enhancing our cooperation in energy transition, climate change mitigation and other areas of our mutual interest," concluded Vice President Jānis Vucāns.

During the Conference, numerous topics were discussed. Experts highlighted the possibilities of green gas and emphasized that despite the fact that this is currently an expensive technology, with the advancement of innovations it can play an important role in the nitrogen problem. Also, a project in which the existing gas capacity can be converted into hydrogen via an exothermic reaction was presented. Throughout the Conference, the importance of interconnectivity between the countries and the various projects was highlighted. The members of the Baltic Assembly in the discussions emphasized the importance of a geopolitical perspective because certain projects can be very vulnerable.

The expert presentations and discussions were followed by an exchange of views and a working visit to the Nijlicht Eemshaven. It is a multifunctional complex specially developed for small and medium-sized businesses located in the middle of Eemshaven and makes it possible for service companies to establish themselves on the port site.

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