Baltic Assembly shares best practices in sustainable mobility with the Benelux Parliament

On 17-18 June 2022, the members of the Baltic Assembly participated in the Plenary Session of the Benelux Parliament. During the Session, parliamentarians discussed such topics as sustainable transport, cross-border multimodality and modal shift, passenger transport with a focus on cycling policy and hydrogen policy.

Vice President of the Baltic Assembly Aadu Must before sharing the best practices of the Baltic States in sustainable mobility used the possibility to remind the colleagues in the Benelux countries that the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine continues and Ukraine continues to require all our support. "Ukraine continues to be on the frontline of the war against European values. Ukraine must win this war and we must support them together. We must continue Russia’s international isolation, including through the EU’s sanction policy. If we will not stand firm together with Ukraine we face more deaths, more suffering and more serious challenges for all of Europe," said Aadu Must.

He also shared the experience of the Baltic States in sustainable mobility, introducing the work of the Baltic Assembly in this area and the Rail Baltica project that has worked towards more sustainable measures that are being integrated into the design of the line and further used during the construction. He also talked about the improvements and challenges in the cycling infrastructure in the region.

Vice-President of the European Commission Frans Timmermans addressed the Session by underlining the success story of the Benelux countries in moving towards climate neutrality. However, he also said that the war in Ukraine has highlighted the need for Europe to be more independent from fossil fuels. He believes that a multimodal approach should be encouraged more.

The delegation of the Baltic Assembly consists of Vice President Aadu Must, Member of the Presidium Sven Sester, Deputy Speaker of the Seimas and Member of the Security and Defence Committee Andrius Mazuronis, and Vice Chair of the Security and Defence Committee Audrius Petrošius.


© Photos by the Secretariat of the Baltic Assembly

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