President: Baltic States are serious about the cooperation with and within CERN

On 10-11 October 2022 in Vilnius, President of the Baltic Assembly Jānis Vucāns participated at the 2nd CERN Baltic Conference. It is an annual conference organised by the CERN Baltic Group, where location is rotated within CERN Baltic Group member countries and hosting institutions.

Presdient Jānis Vucāns during the Conference said that all the Baltic States have made significant financial contributions to work with and within CERN which shows that countries are serious about this area of cooperation. Activities in 2021 and 2022 also show that the cooperation between the Baltic States in CERN-related areas is good and improving.

Jānis Vucāns noted that 2022 has been a very active year for cooperation between the Baltic Assembly and the CERN Baltic Group. This has been a year when after COVID-19 both renewed and stepped up cooperation established already in 2019. "I want to highlight that the Baltic Assembly is convinced that cooperation in education and research of the Baltic States is vital  - research, knowledge and data of three countries are much more comprehensive and could allow us to achieve much more. We are going to continue to follow the developments in the Baltic cooperation with CERN and continue to ask our governments to contribute to this important goal."

The scientific and technical CERN Baltic Conference covers the full spectrum of CERN and related activities (e.g. research, engineering, computing, industrial, and policy). Topics are related, but not limited to: Accelerator, Detector and other Advanced Technologies, High Energy Physics, Data Science and Computing, Nuclear Medicine. From physics to engineering, from fundamental science to industry. Topics will be logically linked to the CBG activities within the CERN collaborations, experiments and studies: such as CMS, CLIC, FCC, MEDICIS, AEGIS, CLOUD, and others.

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