Baltic Assembly participates in the Carpathian Sea Democracy Week

On 22 April 2024, President of the Baltic Assembly Andrius Kupčinskas participated digitally in the Carpathian Sea Democracy Week.

The event is aimed at deepening cooperation between Ukraine, the countries of Northern Europe, the Baltic States and other countries, consolidating efforts to bring Ukraine closer to victory, discussing possible ways to strengthen support for Ukraine, creating a platform between Ukraine and the countries of Northern Europe. The event is a prototype of Arendalsuka in Norway, which aims to strengthen faith in political possibilities and democracy through open debate. Similar events are also held in the other countries of Northern Europe and the Baltic States and bring together Nobel laureates, scientists, prominent historians and human rights defenders.

President of the Baltic Assembly Andrius Kupčinskas addressed the participants in the opening ceremony of the event by highlighting the support of the Baltic Assembly for Ukraine during this cruel Russian war against the country. “We know that there is no life, no freedom, and no development under Russian control and influence. Ukraine is a democratic and like-minded country and has shown well that its place is in both – the European Union and NATO. The Baltic Assembly will continue to advocate for Ukraine to ensure its European and transatlantic integration,” he informed. The President also highlighted the work of the Baltic Assembly in this regard as the organisation puts constant efforts to ensure that Ukraine is kept on the agendas of every event and encouraged other organisations to do the same: “Firstly, there is a need to fully accept that Russia is not gonna change and that diplomacy is a foreign word in Russian political life. Secondly, we have to put our heads and resources together to help Ukraine defeat Russia. Victory of Ukraine is a security guarantee not only for Ukraine but for all the Europe. Thirdly, we call for strengthening national and regional security as well as relations with like-minded countries that are interested in peace, stability and development of their countries and Europe as a whole”.

The Carpathian Sea Democracy Week takes place on 22-26 April in the Lviv region. During the event, such topics as regional cooperation, security and defence, European integration, as well as energy cooperation will be addressed. During all of the discussion, the main question is how the countries can better consolidate their efforts to bring Ukraine closer to victory.

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