Urve Tiidus urges the Nordic parliamentarians to continue supporting Ukraine and the Baltic States

From 31 October until 3 November 2022, the 74th Session of the Nordic Council was held in Helsinki, Finland.

Vice Chair of the Security and Defence Committee of the Baltic Assembly Urve Tiidus addressed the Nordic parliamentarians by highlighting that the Russian Federation’s war in Ukraine is becoming crueller and more dangerous every day. "We need to put a stop to the Russian Federation’s actions that are a threat not only to Ukraine, its neighbouring countries and the Baltic States but to the whole of Europe and the world. Here our mutual understanding and readiness to act are extremely important."

Vice Chair of the Committee said that the Nordic countries have been close allies and their support of Ukraine and the Baltic States during these unimaginably difficult times is of the essence. "We thank you for the support and assistance so far but also urge you to continue and not let the Russian Federation wear us down. We have to remain alarmed, awake and united," emphasized Urve Tiidus.

She concluded by saying that the international community has made mistakes and sometimes it is hard to admit that. "However, now Europe is on the right track and we have to continue in this way. We have to be united, firm and supportive in all matters that are related to protecting our common values," said Urve Tiidus. 

President of the Nordic Council Erkki Tuomioja opened the Session by highlighting the current challenges that the Nordic cooperation faces, including the Russian Federation’s brutal and illegal invasion of Ukraine. During the opening, he reminded the participants of the successful annual Summit of the Baltic Assembly and Nordic Council with the participation of the Ukrainian representatives as well as Belarusian and Russian democratic movements.

During the Session of the Nordic Council, the parliamentarians discussed such issues as the future of Nordic cooperation and the Nordic Region’s role in Europe and the world, the importance of Nordic cooperation in a changing security situation as well as crisis preparedness, welfare and others. The Nordic Council Presidium and the Chairs of the Committees also held a seminar for the international guests "Security in the Nordic Region, Europe and the World and the Role of Parliamentary Cooperation". Throughout the Session, security and defence were at the core of the discussions and cooperation between the Baltic and Nordic countries was highlighted as vital by the members of the Nordic Council and also the Nordic Council of Ministers.

In 2023, Norway will take over the presidency at the Nordic Council. The presidency will place a special emphasis on security and preparedness collaboration, green solutions for energy and transport, and young people in the Nordic region. Newly elected President of the Nordic Council Jorodd Asphjell during his introduction to the presidency programme also highlighted the importance of the cooperation with the Baltic States. 

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