Baltic Assembly Prizes and Medals 2022

The Baltic Assembly Prizes 2022

On October 28, 2022, the awarding ceremony of the Baltic Assembly Prizes and Medals, as well as the Baltic Innovation Prize 2022 took place in the Art Museum “Riga Bourse”. The Baltic Assembly Prize highlights the importance of cooperation between the Baltic States and celebrates the creativity of the Baltic people. President of the Baltic Assembly Jānis Vucāns noted that the Baltic Assembly is deeply honoured by the achievements of this year's Prizes winners and medallists, as “they are all examples that through the partnership of the Baltic States can we go forward, reach progress, and succeed”. The winners of the Baltic Assembly Prize in 2022 are   Kai Aareleid (Estonia) in Literature, Šarūnas Sauka (Lithuania) in the Arts and Gustavs Strenga, Andris Levāns, Renāte Berga and Laura Kreigere-Liepiņa  (Latvia) in Science.

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The Baltic Innovation Prize 2022

The Baltic Innovation Prize is established by the Baltic Assembly and the Baltic Association of Science/ Technology Parks and Innovation Centres with the goal to recognize an example Baltic entrepreneurs who have implemented new economically successful developments in their product(s), service(s) or business model(s). This year, Belss SIA from Latvia was congratulated as the winner of the prize. The main vision of the company is to be the most recognized and secure industrial partner in the field of defence and security. Their business activities include dual-use Communication network projects design and implementation (construction, set up); equipment distribution – civil and military (on land, in combat vehicles, on ships, for air forces); equipment preparing for use, repair, and maintenance.

The national winners and receivers of diplomas were LightCode Photonics OÜ from Estonia, which provides a science-intensive deep tech company developing breakthrough technology for mobility, as well as Genomika UAB from Lithuania - a life science startup that develops Biotechnology Research-based solutions.

Recipients of the Baltic Assembly Medals in 2022

The medal of the Baltic Assembly is an award for upholding the unity and cooperation of the Baltic states, outstanding contribution and cooperation in implementing joint cooperation projects and promoting regional cooperation in an enlarged Europe. This year it was awarded to the following list of recipients:

  • Virginijus Sinkevičius for supporting Baltic cooperation in an enlarged Europe (2020)
  • Dace Bluķe for her contribution to the creation of the Baltic Culture Fund and her significant contribution to the promotion of cooperation between the Baltic States in the field of culture
  • Mait Klaassen for his contribution in promoting the education and science cooperation in the Baltic States and initiating and leading the Baltic Forestry, Veterinary and Agricultural University Network
  • Dr. hist. Kaspars Kļaviņš for his important studies on the history and culture of the Baltic States during various periods of history
  • Tarmo Kohv for his long-term contribution to the internal security cooperation in the Baltic States
  • Kęstutis Masiulis for his contribution to the work of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee of the Baltic Assembly
  • Andrius Mazuronis for his determined efforts in the field of security and defence
  • Jonas Öhman for supporting the activities of non‑governmental organisation Blue/Yellow for Ukraine
  • Prof. Karl Pajusalu for his significant contribution to linguistics and restoring the Livonian language
  • Reinis Znotiņš for his significant contribution to promoting cooperation between the Baltic States in the fields of economics, energy and innovation

Photos of the Award Ceremony

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