Baltic Assembly participating in the Nordic Council’s webinar about fossil-free future

On 2 March 2021, the webinar "Towards a fossil-free future – are the Nordic solutions the right way to go?" organized by the Nordic Council was held.

During the meeting, experts and parliamentarians discussed transition to fossil-free energy supply and development of cross-border electricity markets. As the Lithuanian presidency in 2021 focuses on joint measures for developing interconnected energy market and renewable energy projects, the Baltic Assembly attaches great importance to the topics covered during the webinar.

One of the topics Vice Chair of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee of the Baltic Assembly Atis Lejiņš raised was public opposition to building of new wind parks. He said that it creates numerous challenges for implementing projects that would allow to move closer to fossil-free future of the Baltic states. Participants of the webinar also agreed that the issue of these clashing interests is of great importance and they believe that there will be a need for comprehensive discussions. It is important to make sure that the societies understand the urgency of climate issues and that delaying of large-scale infrastructure projects will have negative impact on the goals towards climate neutrality of the European Union.

Cooperation between the Baltic Assembly and the Nordic Council in 2020-2021 among many issues also focuses on comprehensive foreign and security policy, including climate and energy issues, climate change mitigation and environmental protection; transport and infrastructure interconnections; sustainable and interconnected energy market; and circular economy in support for sustainable development.

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