Parliamentarians express importance of intensifying cooperation in research and interaction of education and labour market
Digital meeting of the Education, Science and Culture Committee of the Baltic Assembly
Baltic, Benelux and Nordic parliamentarians discuss vaccination strategy
Digital Plenary Session of the Benelux Parliament
President: Joint efforts and mutual support of the Baltic states is vital for overcoming the crisis
Parliamentarians highlight the importance of cooperation in the health and welfare sector
In memoriam Johannes Kert (3 December 1959 – 4 March 2021)
Baltic Assembly participating in the Nordic Council’s webinars about digitalisation and antimicrobial resistance
Digital meeting of the Health, Welfare and Family Committee of the Baltic Assembly
Baltic Assembly participating in the Nordic Council’s webinar about fossil-free future
Announcement for competition of the Baltic Assembly Prizes in Literature, the Arts and Science
Digital meeting of the Nordic Council, the Benelux Parliament and the Baltic Assembly
Members of the Baltic Assembly participate in the digital meeting of the BSPC Standing Committee
Parliamentarians welcome joint efforts of the Baltic states in digital matters
President: Baltic Assembly will continue to fulfill role of the bridge between European and GUAM countries
Digital joint meeting of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee and the Natural Resources and Environment Committee of the Baltic Assembly
Digital 13th Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly
Baltic parliamentarians acknowledge the need for a long-term strategy for combating challenges posed by Covid-19
Digital meeting of the Security and Defence Committee of the Baltic Assembly
Lithuania taking over the Presidency in the Baltic Assembly
Baltic Assembly and Nordic Council stand by the people of Belarus
Benelux, Baltic and Nordic parliamentarians believe that cooperation is the key in fight against COVID-19