Meeting of the Education, Science and Culture Committee
BSPC Working Group on Migration and Integration
Estonia taking over the Presidency in the Baltic Assembly
Annual Summit of the Nordic Council and the Baltic Assembly
Plenary session of the Benelux Parliament
The 38th Session of the Baltic Assembly and 25th Baltic Council
Awarding Ceremony of the Baltic Assembly Prizes 2019
The 12th Annual Session of the GUAM Parliamentary Assembly
Participation in the 54th PABSEC General Assembly
The Sixth Northern Dimension Parliamentary Forum
European Conference of Presidents of Parliament
The 71st Session of the Nordic Council
Nordic Baltic Energy conference on the 2030 challenges and good governance
Meeting of the Consultative Council of the Baltic Assembly
Conference of the Benelux Parliament about sustainable agriculture
Winners of the Baltic Assembly Prize in 2019
Meeting of the Joint Jury of the Baltic Assembly Prizes for Literature, the Arts and Science
Joint meeting of the Economics, Energy and Innovation Committee & the Natural Resources and Environment Committee of the Baltic Assembly
Meeting of the Health, Welfare and Family Committee of the Baltic Assembly
The 28th Baltic Sea Parliamentary Conference
Celebrations of the 30th Anniversary of the Baltic Way
Participation in the meeting of the Speakers of Parliaments on the occasion of the 450th Anniversary of the Union of Lublin
Eastern Partnership Conference of the Baltic Assembly “Can We Deliver? Setting our Course over the next Ten Years”